What are the components of the Paper Water Bottle?

  1. Outer shell of bamboo and sugarcane pulp
  2. Inner barrier made of proprietary formulation of PET and ENSO RESTORE™
  3. Cap liner with pulp cover

Will the entire bottle convert to clean energy?

98% of the bottle is made of material that biodegrades in a landfill*. After the cap liner is upgraded, 100% of the cap material will biodegrade in a landfill*.

Why does the bottle need a pulp outer shell?

The pulp outer shell provides structural integrity for the bottle as we continue to reduce the thickness of the inner barrier (eventually to almost nothing).

What does “converts to clean energy” mean?

Moisture and naturally occurring microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi and algae) exist in landfills. They transform the bottle into inert humus (dirt) and biogases (including methane).

Many municipalities collect biogases from their landfills and use it to generate electricity.

How does ENSO RESTORE™ convert the inner barrier to clean energy?

ENSO RESTORE™ is an additive to our barrier material comprised of organic materials designed to attract microbial activity. These microorganisms, upon consuming the ENSO material, excrete enzymes that weaken and depolymerize the plastic. The result is biogases and inert humus*.

ENSO RESTORE™ accelerates the natural biodegradation of plastics in biologically active landfills* and anaerobic digesters as validated by independent, certified laboratories using ASTM international test methods.

What size bottles are available currently?

16.9 oz / 500ml

Additional stock sizes are coming.

What is the shelf life of the ECO 1 GREEN bottle?

At least 1 year when filled with water, provided they are kept in a dry location.

Can I put the bottle in a cooler?

The bottles can be cooled on ice for a short period of time yet melting ice will eventually soften the pulp outer shell. We recommend using ice packs or refrigeration.

Does Paper Water Bottle fill and label bottles?

Many of the Paper Water Bottle licensed production partners offer additional services such as custom filling, labeling, packaging, warehousing, and shipping. Contact your preferred Paper Water Bottle licensed production partner for more details.

Where can I get samples?

You can order free samples in quantities of 6 here: Eco 1 Green

*Independent third-party testing has shown up to 30.3% biodegradation in just 391 Days in landfill-replicated testing (ASTM D5526).